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How We Grow our Trees

Balsam fir Seedling - How our Christmas Trees Start


The process starts with hearty balsam fir seedlings.   Maine soil is particularly well suited for this type of tree, noted for it's attractive color, and fragrant aroma.






After a few years of nurturing we're rewarded with a young tree that is beginning to take on the characteristics of the holiday A young balsam fir takes shape.favorite that is a centerpiece in so many homes.









We may be biased on this, but there are few things more beautiful in the winter than a stand of balsam firs, covered in snow.  Trees in snow And trees, of course, are important to the ecological balance.  Did you realize that an acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen for 18 people? 



Maine Balsam Trees - grown to the highst standards

After an average of eight years of nurturing, regular pruning, and constant care, we are rewarded with a beautiful full size tree that is ready for harvesting.

Maine Holiday Decoations from Callnan Family Christmas Trees
Some of our customers like to visit the farm, and pick the tree they want for the upcoming holidays.   Picking out the tree becomes a family tradition.

Preparing and bumdling trees to ship.

It gets pretty busy at Callnan Family Christmas Trees in November.  That's when we cut, bundle, and ship the mature trees to wholesalers.  The red unit in the foreground folds back the branches, and wraps a netting around the tree that protects in while in transit.

Trees move up the conveyor, and are carefully loaded in preparation for shipment.

Trimming the treeThe culmination of all those years of work comes on the day you bring the tree into your home for trimming.